بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

مرحبا بكم


Aug 31, 2014

A Truth The Tunisian history still refuses to reveal

A truth that the Tunisian official documents of history still fail to reveal about the late president, Habib Bourguiba, is that of his ENMITY towards ISLAM and MUSLIMS. After the so-called independence in 1956, Habib Bourguiba was self-captioned as a president and this was achieved by getting rid of his opponents who used to share the struggle with him against the French colonizer.

This arabic excerpt attached is one, among many, of the statements he made about Islam. The present statement is gleaned from one of his speeches in 1978 at L’École normale supérieure (ENS: The Teacher's School). In it, he clearly discloses his truth and position regarding Prophet Mohammed without any obscurantist strategies. By reading it carefully, notice and note how this statement is evocative of his (Habib Bourguiba) lying, ignorance and hence blindness (maybe betrayal too) to ISLAM and MUSLIMS (The large majority of Tunisians are muslims and the minority are not interested to say so).

There is a question that has long been and still remains to be asked by Tunisian people after the Tunisian revolution of December the 17th (2O1O-2011): 'Is Habib Bourguiba the right man to provide an example for Tunisians?' An answer to this question is now in the making given the established fact that his presidency was stolen in 1987, or at least described as such, by another self-captioned man whose name is Ben Ali. Infact, the former, because trained in French Politics for years, had stolen the country's SPIRITUAL wealth, handed it out to France and devalorized it here (The Mosque of EZZITOUNA is an example), the latter, to make it even worse, because trained in French and American military (he knew nothing about politics) has stolen the country's Material wealth, handed it out to France and The United States of America and devalorised it here (the demolition of The Tunisian middle class is an example).

The large majority of Tunisians now, as I see them because I am one of them, are wanted to, and have actually been, left with the country's SENSUAL wealth but with neither spiritual nor material means to use it properly (The absence of moral and spiritual guidance is a proof). They are now cloistered within The SENSUAL (having it and not having it) and could by no means go beyond it to finally arrive at both THE MATERIAL and THE SPIRITUAL to properly use THE SENSUAL.

Given the dramatic events taking place now in post-revolution Tunisia, it is important for Tunisians to analyze all these events, discover their causes and bring the guilty elements among them to justice. It is also important for them to provide full answers to the current burning questions: Are they on their way of being ruled, one more time, by the followers of both the former president Habib Bourguiba (most of them are sound politicians) and the latter president Ben Ali (most of them are wealthy)? What happens if both of them are working together while the large majority of Tunisians are busy searching for bread to keep their bodies and souls together?
Chokri Omri

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