بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

مرحبا بكم


Jul 29, 2013

Activism: Reflections on the future

Is it by possibility true that we are only prepared to see what is before us? Is it by possibility true that we are only obliged not to see what is not before us? Just make it up and try to help it out for nobody seems to be offering some very original things. Open up the way for yourself to live differently. Open up the way for yourself to evaluate differently. But most of all, open up the way for yourself to think differently. It is my conviction that each one of us has in himself the capacity for jarring with whatever is imposed. Each one of us has in himself the capacity for standing against the trivial. Nothing valuable has ever been forced to come into being without some proper understandindg of life. Just figure it out. Nothing of importance is to come out of what is trivial.
Many things, I firmly believe, are going so badly these days. What do we do when they are affecting our lives so unnecessarily? What do we do when they are compelling us to accept and never reject? Silence. Let us remain silent today for maybe things will change in the future. They will change. I do assure you they will change.

I always say to myself that nothing further needs to be said when nobody is looking for a way out of this sort of death in life. But then, one feels that to say is better than not to say. To say things regardless to whether or not they are relevant is not a good idea. Only when one starts to recognise the fact that judging things is not after all up to us we who are in the midst of life. Nobody knows what is relevant or irrelevant since everything appears indeed to be turning to its reverse. Let it be conceded then, that nothing is to obtain out of our atavistic ways of dealing with things. e.e.cummings, a highly portencious and wonderful poet, brings it to the fore this way:

When man determined to destroy
Himself he picked the was
Of shall and finding only why
Smashed it into because.

Whoever wants to live differently must learn to think but also evaluate differently. Life is bestowing a whole multitude of possibilities. To linger over the past will bring nothing positive with it. Go and ask Historians what good is to come out of our moralization of the past. Make sure to ask them also what good is to come out of our trivialization of the past. The past is passed and it is there to remind us not to believe in atavism. It is there to provide before us the glorious as well as the injurious deeds of our ancestors. What about ourselves? We have the present as well as the future. Only when one starts to recognize the fact that our ancestors’s future is our present. They seem to have never thought about it. This is why they seem to have never prepared for it. Was it my grand father who got up at four in the icy morning to lead the sluice of water into the garden? Atavism, atavism, let us rely on Atavism. It is all we need in order to think about and prepare for the future.
Was it my grand father, one cannot but try to ask, who got up at four in the icy morning to lead the sluice of water into the garden? This is the question that always remains to be asked and to which my answer will be part of the question our posterity will undoubtedly put. One ought never to blame our ancestors. One, rather, should admonish himself for wanting to be something similar to them. It is accordingly essential to us to open our eyes to the fact that we have to start anew without fear or submission. It is now our turn to learn how to stand upon our own feet without being shown how to live or what to feel or not to feel. This earth belongs to us. It belongs to us and i do not think that it will be availed and do to simply wait and see whether things are going to happen or not. Whoever wants to fight for his freedom must start out at once by setting himself free from all the shackles he comes into close contact with. Let us make sure we do not end up by becoming slaves of the past. We are to be free and then build up for the future for it is the only thing that is elaborately set before us as a way out of oblivion. It is, i must say, the struggle of life against death. It is the struggle of memory against forgetting. It is the struggle of truth against illusion.

I believe that something is wanting in this life that we take to be ours. What is wanting is our awareness of the future. We have to do everything ourselves if we want to know anything about this future. We have a lot to do for the sake of our future. There is no need to give up the struggle from the start. We are too young to start giving up. We are too young, i must say again, to start giving up. Since when, let us put it in simple terms, do real people wait for the unknown to be known? Since when do they even wait for their adversaries to demonstrate their superiority over them? Real people never allow themselves to be inslaved no matter how hard this task appears to be. They never give up or give in. They never make the mistake of believing that silence will do when they know they are being threatened. They take life as a battle in which they are to prove their existence. They have to fight for their dignity. They will fight for their integrity. They never abstain from paving the way for a glorious future that will bring pride and happiness. But does any one care for these things nowadays? Does any one think about these things nowadays?

Chokri Omri

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