بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

مرحبا بكم


Dec 12, 2012

Spring is coming despite winter

'It is my faith that every flower
enjoys the air it breathes.'
To live means to be aware
and take time to see and care.
To live is to apprehend and forgive.
To live means to share,
open windows, appreciate,
love, understand and perceive.

Endear yourself, dear friend,
seek out your dignity,
and never keep your head down
lest, let me say, you fail,
when you fall down, to rise up
like before.

You will make it.
You will hopefully make it
no matter how perilous, daunting
and imposed this way of life
might seem. Arise, Awake and Be.

Plant the flowers of your garden
and guide the sluice of water into them.
Nobody will do it better except you.
Nobody will step in your shoes.
Look at their flowers and wonder.
Spring is coming despite winter.
Help its coming by going back
to your home and garden.

Chokri Omri

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