بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

مرحبا بكم


Aug 31, 2012

Ode to my son

these words of my heart
will neither come out of pity
nor will go down the wind
nor, again, will build any city.
But lend me your ears, baby,
and listen to what an old man
can say despite the rods of men.

Live up to your own ambitions.
Keep your heart alive
and your mind working
with honor and passion.
Take this over from my heart
that has suffered for so long.

There is always a good thing
to think of and to do
instead of fruitless tarrying.
Let not the cold world
affect you and do its worst.
there is always something
good to be done against it.

be careful of those people
who call themselves your friends,
your enemies are known.
They both have not become
what they have become
only because the mind, without
the heart, sees differences
and builds on them obstacles
to divide rather than unite.
They used, it is gone now, to be
your friends and the circle
the circle is open and far from full.

When the light and the sun rays
are leaving, remember to perceive
the natural attitude and substance
of daffodils and innocent flowers.
Hide your tears, baby, from men
and let them fall alone to freshen
the sight of your eyes and vision.
Open your inward eyes of Earth and Eden.

Be always on the move
and fear not the elements
of submission and contrition.
The light is coming in
and love is all around you.
Fear them no more.

Bring yourself to accept
your destiny and look at
the horizons of your heart
to improve your tools
and feel the power of patience
and reap the harvest of resistance.
So much depends on them,
so much depends on you.

Have time to work, son,
and have time to play.
Seek to be simple
and look up at
the sunny sphere
without a pair of glasses
Your eyes are for Earth and Eden
Keep them pure and undefeated.

But see !!
When the rain comes
as it will in autumn and spring,
summer and winter, son,
don't rush to get an umbrella
and cover your head like many
of them would do and would not.

You already have more than it
your smile can make it
and the flowers around you
will make it and come along
to live with you and teach you
how to be yourself and be
one sunny day, to your sons
and daughters, little son,
the father my father
has never been for me.

Chokri Omri

" L'amour a besoin des yeux, comme la pensée a besoin de la mémoire. "


Freedom.Ain' said...

Hi Chokri!! ^^
Your posts are erally inspiring :)
I found you through the blog of .tell me please do you know how can i contact her?

Chokri Omri said...

Hi Miyuu! Thank you for having come to visit my humble blog EYES FOR EARTH AND EDEN. As for your request, I think it is not difficult to contact her as you have contacted me. All the best.

Freedom.Ain' said...

Thank you for the answer o(^_^)o
She is not staying on her blog anymore so I thought maybe you know her email/facebook or anything else.And great blog!! Keep it upp!! ^_^

Freedom.Ain' said...

So you don't know who is she right? x3 your answers are not clear but anyways thank you.I thought maybe you know her.

Chokri Omri said...

It has been long since we did not come in touch. Apart from her blog, there is for me no other way of communicating with her. I hope she is fine and doing good.