بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

مرحبا بكم


Nov 30, 2010

My friends

'Oh my friends, there is no such thing as friends' and 'one must be very careful these days.' But then wait, there is this to be said, my friends, and done despite what has been said but never done: 'Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.' Yet how? Because I always seek the how and abjure the why and when it comes to when or where, I say come on! For 'to whom should I speak, for whom should I speak, when there is no need to speak?' Friends become friends; Oh yes, and when winter comes, with wind, rain and snowfall, we plead and pray to know that, because the meadows are there, the rainbows are there, flowers, daffodils, lilacs and roses are still there, every growing seed of life will make Spring.

Chokri Omri

Tunis, le 03/11/2010

Nov 23, 2010

I must say

Was it my grand father, one cannot but try to ask, who got up at four in the icy morning to lead the sluice of water into the garden? This is the question that always remains to be asked and to which my answer will be part of the question our posterity will undoubtedly put. One ought never to blame our ancestors. One, rather, should admonish himself for wanting to be something similar to them. It is accordingly essential to us to open our eyes to the fact that we have to start anew without fear or submission.

It is now our turn to learn how to stand upon our own feet without being shown how to live or what to feel or not to feel. This earth belongs to us. It belongs to us and i do not think that it will be availed and do to simply wait and see whether things are going to happen or not. Whoever wants to fight for his freedom must start out at once by setting himself free from all the shackles he comes into close contact with. Let us make sure we do not end up by becoming slaves of the past. We are to be free and then build up for the future for it is the only thing that is elaborately set before us as a way out of oblivion. It is, i must say, the struggle of life against death. It is the struggle of memory against forgetting. It is the struggle of truth against illusion.

Chokri Omri