بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

مرحبا بكم


Aug 16, 2011

A Window of Hope


One cannot but try to wonder: 'was it my grandfather who got up at four in the icy morning to lead the sluice of water into the garden?' This is the question that remains to be asked and to which my answer will be part of the question our posterity will undoubtedly put. One ought never to blame our ancestors. On the contrary, one should rather admonish himself for wanting to be something similar to them. It is accordingly essential to us to open our eyes to the fact that we have to start anew without fear or submission.

It is now our turn to learn how to stand upon our own feet without being shown how to live or what to feel or not to feel. This earth belongs to us. It belongs to us and I do not think that it will do and be availed to simply wait and see whether things are going to happen or not. Whoever wants to fight for his freedom must start out at once by setting himself free from all the chains and shackles he comes into close contact with. Let us make sure we
do not end up becoming slaves of the past. We are going to be free and then build up for the future for it is the only window of hope that is elaborately set before us as a way out of oblivion. It is, I must say, the struggle of life against death. It is the struggle of memory against forgetting. It is the struggle of truth against illusion


Unii nu pot face altceva decât să se întrebe: era cumva bunicul meu cel care se trezea la patru în dimineaţa de gheaţă pentru a îndrepta şiroiul de apă în grădină? Aceasta este întrebarea ce rămâne a fi adresată şi la care răspunsul meu va fi parte din întrebarea pe care urmaşii noştri o vor pune fără îndoială. Nu ar trebui să dăm niciodată vina pe strămoşii noştri. Dimpotrivă, ar trebui să ne punem în gardă pentru a dori să fim ceva similar cu ei. Este, prin urmare, esenţial pentru noi să deschidem ochii la faptul că trebuie să o luăm de la început fără teamă sau supunere.

Acum este rândul nostru să învăţăm cum să stăm pe propriile noastre picioare fără să ni se arate cum să trăim sau ce să simţim sau ce să nu simţim. Pământul acesta ne aparţine nouă. Ne aparţine şi nu cred că va fi folosit pur şi simplu doar pentru a aştepta şi a vedea dacă lucrurile se vor întâmpla sau nu. Oricine vrea să lupte pentru libertatea sa trebuie să înceapă imediat prin propria-i eliberare din toate lanţurile şi cătuşele cu care intră în strânsă legătură. Să ne asigurăm că nu vom deveni sclavi ai trecutului. Vom fi liberi şi apoi vom construi pentru viitor deoarece este singura fereastră a speranţei care este minuţios aşezată înaintea noastră ca o ieşire din uitare. Este, trebuie să spun, lupta vieţii împotriva morţii. Este lupta memoriei împotriva uitării. Este lupta adevărului împotriva iluziei.

Traducere de Alexandra Diana Mircea
Universitatea din Iaşi

Aug 5, 2011

Yet to come

When curse becomes bliss and,
When finger drops wash the mountain heat,
Craving for more brightness becomes part of a sorrow’s will,
Where rain becomes shelter, and summer breezes turn into mournful lullabies,
Kissing the shadow of the timeless feathers of mother Nature,
There I lay dreaming and writing,
There I lay singing and mourning,
While trying to imprecate the impregnable nature of something,
Yet to come.

Khaoula Zitouni

يا شاطئ الأحلام

الموج يجذبني إلى شيء بعيد
يا شاطئ الأحلام
يوما من الأيام جئت إليك
كالطفل ألتمس الأمان
كالهارب الحيران أبحث عن مكان
كالكهل أبحث في عيون الناس
عن طيف الحنان
و على رمالك همت في أشعاري
فتراقصت بين الربا أوتاري
و رأيت أيامي بقربك تبتسم
فأخذت أحلم بالأماني المقبلة..
بيت صغير في الخلاء
حب ينير الدرب في ليل الشقاء
طفل صغير
أنشودة تنساب سكرى كالغدير
و تحطمت أحلامنا الحيرى و تاهت.. في الرمال
و رجعت منك و ليس في عمري سوى
أشباح ذكرى.. أو ظلال
و على ترابك مات قلبي و انتهى..

* * * * * * * * * * * *
... فــاروق جويــــدة ...

ما زلت أقول..

نهرب في حزن يحزننا

ما زلت أقول..

إن الأشجار و إن ذبلت

في زمن الخوف

سيعود ربيع يوقظها بين الأطلال

إن الأنهار وإن جبنت في زمن الزيف

سيجيء زمان يحييها رغم الأغلال..

ما زلت أقول..

لو ماتت كل الأشياء

سيجيء زمان يشعرنا.. أنا أحياء

وتثور قبور سئمتنا

وتصيح عليها الأشلاء

ويموت الخوف.. يموت الزيف.. يموت القهر

ويسقط كل السفهاء

لن يبقى سيف الضعفاء

* * * * * * * * * * *
.. فــاروق جويـــدة ..

Aug 3, 2011

Maher Zain: Yanabi Salam alayka ماهر زين: يانبي سلام عليك

اهم القنوات الاسلامية

شاهد اهم القنوات الاسلامية مباشرة على النت

البث الحي من مكة المكرمة - قناة القرآن الكريم

البث الحي من المدينة المنورة - قناة السنة النبوية

قناة الرحمة الفضائية

قناة الناس الفضائية

قناة الحكمة

قناة الرسالة

قناة إقرأ

قناة الهدى بالانجليزية

قناة السلام بالانجليزية

يرجى اعادة ارسال الرسالة للجميع ونشر الموضوع بالمنتديات والمواقع فالدال على الخير كفاعله

Aug 2, 2011

From the Spirit of Freedom to the Freedom of Spirit

When it is my turn to look for a way out of this silence, I am to come down heavily upon the fact that i am not going to bring anything new with my self. I want to say a few words regarding life because i am too young to start receiving things without questioning their validity. I want to breathe some fresh air and live the way i intend for my self. It is my life that occupies me and i refuse to meddle into other people’s business. Many things informing my life require from me some proper attention and this is why i always insist that to live is not to let things happen but rather to make them happen without fear. That’s how i take it to be.

Life is not a mere game which is measured by loss and gain. This is very simplistic and suggests some vital awareness from my part. I want to take my life beyond this mistake and think of it as something much deeper and with a view of searching for my very raison d’etre. I want to give some meaning to my life. For the time being, my life has absolutely no meaning whatever. But then, for the time to come, it will be completely different if not convergent from the way it has been before and this is dependent upon what i am going to do rather than what is going to be done to me. What is done to me has already been done and it is but a mistake from my part for having allowed them to take advantage of my ignorance.

Now, it is time we ceased to think simplistically about life because life is, after all, too complex to be taken with laxness. We are called upon to open our eyes the maximum of time for everything seems to be taking its course and turning to its reverse. We are going to stop making it difficult for our selves to deal with our living. Let us juggle with it instead and learn each time that we are responsible for every mistake we are going to make. Let us take responsibility for our selves at this very juncture of history for there seems to be no other way for us except fighting and fighting and fighting and then realising the difference we are going to make possible. Nobody will ever start admonishing us for the choices we have until we start harming others. We have no intention whatever to harm anyone. We are only trying to escape death for some time and most of all oblivion. Nobody wants to die and be consigned into oblivion. There is really more enterprise in fighting because, to our minds, existence is ,indeed, a very wild and bitter struggle and not an easy exercise to be met and solved the first time we are alive.

I am attempting to be clear for this is really no place for impalpability. Pleasure is not a goal. It can be a result but not a goal. This story is something which i call a predicament for those who find a glamour of hope in sincerity and righteousness. Hard work and patience when combined will make a solid safeguard for our motives. We are to understand this from the start and then start.

Take freedom as a motive if you don’t feel it for the time being. Take it then as a motive and work very hard upon obtaining it for there is really nothing so much precious and exorbitant as freedom. It is, as i have come to dwell upon this in another respect, freedom that will make us aware of life. It is that which must belong to us sooner or later and i don’t think it will come without ardueousness. Freedom is not a luxury nor is it to be seen as restricted to some lucky ones whom we constantly refer to as being “the happy few”. They are, I think, to be held responsible for “the despondant many”. It is our nature that teaches us this extremely important lesson. We are free by nature but the second man took the life of his brother and the sad film of slavery began to be shown. Look at the trees, c’est une loi écrit dans la nature! Look at the flowers, look then at the birds, look at the sun, look at the moon, look at the stars. Look at your self now.

Freedom is so much needed. There is no escape from it except in it if ever life to some meaning is wanting. Take it back if it has been taken away. Nobody will think very ill of you but more importantly it is time to look beyond appearances. Come on, it is freedom. It is to be sought for even if everything else will start looking very badly.

Chokri Omri