بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

مرحبا بكم


Feb 14, 2008

A letter to my Dear

Darling, here is our story making a romantic poetic attempt at disclosing all that it has kept hidden within itself. It is, believe me, time to propel it to see the light of which it has been painfully deprived. I prefer, following the path of an honest hearted duty doing man named G.M.Coetzee, to be the writer of my own story rather than to have lies told about me. It is always decent to opt for the light and then work arduously upon it rather than remain cloistered within darkness, waiting for the unknown to become known, and nobody is found around to help. It was not long ago that this was cropping up in my mind. But in truth, i  am  the  one  who aspired it to be and desired it then to finish up this way. I strove many a time to consider it the proper thing for me to learn not to wait for others to offer me that which i need to obtain by my self without their help.
Darling, have i not loved you with a love that was more than love? Have i not, then, caused it to be highly clear for me and you that the kingdom of love is not so far away from our grasp? But darling, how can i stop the whole thing?

They told me i am not of this age, i need to
But i laughed and heard them no more my
I laughed and thought it was completely

How can it be, darling, that i am to live
Without my spring?
How can it be that i am to live and reach that
I feel it truly, birds are meant to fly and sing.
Tears always come to my eyes when i see them
In a cage.

Darling, i will never stop anything.
If it be my will, let me say it without causing
Your rage;
I will help birds soar again and swing.
If it be my will, let me stop pertaining to this

My Bonnie Lass, we shall say in the words of Friedrich Holderlin:

"Let us live, oh you who are with me in sorrow, with me in faith and heart and loyalty struggling for better times!
For such we are and if ever in the coming years they knew of us two when the spirit matters again
They would say: lovers in those days, alone, they created their secret world that only the Gods knew.
For who cares for things that will die, the earth will have them, but near the light, into the clarities come those keeping faith with the heart's
Love and Holy spirit who were hopeful, patient, still
And got the better of fate."

Chokri Omri